Athlete Tracking Solutions

TextingForward has worked with sports organizations -big and small-to bring SMS solutions in very unique ways. Here are just a few of them:

Race Split Notifications:

If you would like a full system to allow your audience to follow athletes as they compete, we can provide that for you. From the registration screens before the event all the way to sending the text message to friends and family that are following that athlete along the race- we do it all for you.

In addition, if you just need to connect to our gateway to send the messages out and for our technical team to interface with your timing/management company, we can do that as well. Please click here to contact us for more information and so we can discuss your specific race needs.

Voting/Polling During LIVE events:

If you are looking to incorporate a poll or would like the audience to vote on their favorite player of the game to interact with the audience in REAL time, we can help deploy this program.