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TADpole™ is TextingForward’s Mobile Marketing Operating System. It controls all aspects to which mobile campaigns are born all the way to the study and analytics of each event. TADpole™ is a fully scalable and extensible platform to fit single and multi level marketing efforts for small and large corporations alike. Below is a breakdown of our platform toolbox and its respective features:

1. Campaign Central:

Create quick custom mobile marketing campaigns with a broad spectrum of campaign types to select from. Enjoy deploying campaigns like Text to Win, Voting, On Demand Coupons, as well as advanced campaign tools in seconds. Manage all keywords, campaign duration, outbound and inbound messages and many more aspects all in one central campaign management console.

2. TADpole™ Executive Dashboard:

Take a quick glance at all your mobile marketing efforts at any given time. TextingForward has created a web-based executive dashboard to summarize all your mobile marketing campaigns. Make quick and educated decisions on your mobile marketing campaigns by accessing key activity information on the fly! For marketers on the go, access the executive dashboard via a web connection on your smartphone.

3. Redemption System:

TADpole™ provides a unique code generation system to give brands maximum and efficient methods to track the life cycle of offers that are distributed through their campaigns. A unique code is sent to the applicable mobile users that are only specific to the campaign to which they are participating in. Customers present the text code to the participating stores and the redemption occurs within our proprietary redemption system. This is important for brands to avoid fraudulent and repetitive use of offers that are sent via SMS. The single most important aspect of this redemption system is the ability to report on the trends and activity of all of your customers that are part of your campaigns.

4. Reporting and Analytics:

Our reporting infrastructure gives you full control to analyze your mobile campaign activities. Understand the results of all of your inbound and outbound offers by accessing our dashboard reports that will measure and indicate the success of your past and running campaigns. Customize your reports and schedule them to be sent to you or your team/department on any frequency interval.

5. Social Media Propagation:

TextingForward has taken mobile marketing to the next level by allowing mobile campaigns that are generated in our console to propagate to the most popular social aggregation sites. Create your campaign within seconds and push the campaign to your branded Twitter and Facebook account. Allow your mobile campaigns to use the power of online social networks to communicate your brand and take advantage of the viral networking that can give your brand a competitive edge. TextingForward was designed to be your central point of online campaigns and is fully extensible beyond mobile marketing.

6. Data Extraction:

TextingForward wants to ensure that our customers have full control of your data. We have provided data extraction tools within our application to allow you to export your leads should you need to import campaign lead information to any of your ancillary systems.

7. Application Protocol:

Textingforward has created a robust mechanism to allow existing corporations to talk to TADpole’s™ backoffice suite. TADpole™ functionality can easily be integrated into our customers current systems. We provide standard REST and SOAP calls to allow easy and fast integration.

Campaign Types made possible by TADpole™

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  • Text for Info: This is the most common type of 2 way communication for SMS. Use this type of campaign to reply with company information, specials, and promotions. You can include URLs, phone numbers, and any pertinent information for your clients.
  • Text to Win: This campaign will allow brands to create a mobile game to register mobile users into a random text to win contest. The campaign management portal offers easy management of the game from picking a random winner and sending alerts to the winner and all of the regret participants.
  • Mobile Coupons: Create mobile coupons with this type. Our system will automatically generate a unique numeric code at the end of your message. You can also track these coupons with our built-in Redemption Center.
  • Voting, Polling, Trivia & Surveys: Set up voting and survey polls using multiple choice. A maximum of 4 choices can be given. First, have users text into a keyword. Then they would receive a text with the question + their choice of answers (Ex: What is your fav ice cream? A) Chocolate B)Vanilla C)Strawberry D) Mint Reply A,B,C,D. The user will respond with their answer.
  • Chaser: Choose this type if you want to send a bounce back offer/message/reminder in a certain amount of time after the user texts in- ie 24 hours, 2 days, 1 week, etc.. ie- Oil change place would like to send a reminder 90 days from the day the user opts-in.
  • Capture Email: Choose this campaign when you want to utilize an SMS call to action to build an email database. Campaign will expect a valid email in the response before final confirmation is sent. For ex: Text DUNKIN and your email address to 12345.
  • Capture Name: Choose this campaign when you want to utilize an SMS call to action to build your mobile database and gather a first/last name. Campaign will expect a first/last name in the response before final confirmation is sent. For ex: Text DUNKIN and your first and last name to 12345.
  • Data Driven: This campaign type is made for decision based solutions. For example, based on a ZIP code that a mobile user replies will determine which campaign or distribution they will belong to.
    Questions Series: Create a series of questions, with multiple choice answers. One question will be asked at a time and will be asked in a specific series.
  • Widget: Create online widgets (HTML or FLASH) to compliment your SMS campaign. Every time someone enters their mobile number into the widget on a web page, their number gets stored into the respective campaigns setup in TADpole™. *This can also be integrated into an online display ad.
  • Text2Screen: Choose this type if you would like users to participate in Voting/Polls/Q&A sessions and have it display on a big screen. This solution is great for live events, conferences, seminars, concerts, etc… where you want to engage the audience live on the spot!
  • One2One: Choose this solution type to send messages to individuals immediately or schedule in the future. This solution is great for appointment reminders for docs, dentists, auto service centers, spas and any business that is looking for a fast and easy way to send out reminders.
  • API Response: This is only for our API customers who are using our gateway.
  • Subscriptions: Users can opt-in to this campaign to get a series of information on a regular basis. For ex: Tip of the day, or monthly/weekly/daily horoscope. This is a custom campaign-type where clients will submit a spreadsheet of all replies on a 3-month basis.
  • Conversation: This type will allow you to engage in single or multiple responses – and can be open ended questions, opposed to multiple choice answers. Ask as many questions as needed with this type to be able to gather as much data as needed.

Developer APIs

Our customer API will take incoming messages that are sent to your keyword(s), and we will forward them to your custom web address to provide your custom text response. We will provide an API key in order for you to make HTTP calls within your custom application to send SMS messages via our gateway.

Click here to download our Incoming API Document

Click here to download our Outgoing API Document

Looking for other API Documentation? Click here to request.

To learn more about our platform, TADpole™, or to schedule a demo- please contact us by emailing us here or call us at 1-877-271-9624.

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